Table 2.

Deformation of discontinuities measured by multi-point extensometers

Instrument numberDiscontinuityMeasurement point across discontinuityDeformation of discontinuity (mm)Total deformation of extensometer (mm)
Elevation 1960 m
Embedded ImageX3–44.562.98
Embedded ImageX2–38.389.21
Embedded ImageX3–4−0.96−1.03
Elevation 1885 – 1960  m
Embedded ImageXTop point–10.407.38
Embedded ImageXTop point–12.992.2
Embedded Imagef42-9Top point–11.371.34
Embedded ImageXTop point–18.169.02
Embedded Imagef42-9Top point–10.94−1.14
Embedded ImageSL44-1Top point–18.16.26
Embedded ImageSL44-1Top point–17.9812.75
Elevation 1885  m
Embedded Imagef42-93–45.028.61