Table 2.

Glossop Lectures, Lecturers and papers

Glossop LectureLecture yearLecturerTitleCitation
1st1997Professor Peter FookesGeology for Engineers: the geological model, prediction and performanceFookes (1997)
2nd1998Dr Evert HoekPutting numbers to geology—an engineer's viewpointHoek (1999)
3rd1999Professor Richard ChandlerClay sediments in depositional basins: the geotechnical cycleChandler (2000)
4th2000Professor John HutchinsonReading the ground: morphology and geology in site appraisalHutchinson (2001)
5th2001Professor Denys BrunsdenGeomorphological roulette for engineers and planners: some insights into an old gameBrunsden (2002)
6th2002Professor Paul MarinosOngoing challenges in engineering geology for tunnelling in difficult groundUnpublished
7th2004Professor Martin G. CulshawFrom concept towards reality: developing the attributed 3D geological model of the shallow subsurfaceCulshaw (2005)
8th2006Professor Robin FellRapid landslides: the importance of understanding mechanisms and rupture surface mechanicsFell et al. (2007)
9th2008Professor Mike de FreitasGeology; its principles, practice and potential for geotechnicsde Freitas (2009)
10th2009Professor Paul NathanailEngineering geology of sustainable risk-based land quality managementNathanail (2013)
11th2010Professor Rory N. MortimoreMaking sense of Chalk: a total rock approach in Engineering GeologyMortimore (2012)
12th2011Professor Edward N. BromheadReflections on the residual strength of clays with special reference to bedding-controlled landslidesBromhead (2013)
13th2012Ruth AllingtonEngineering geology and geomorphology in the design, operation and rehabilitation of quarries: forms and processes, models and cycles, roles and responsibilitiesNot yet published
14th2013Professor Jim GriffithsFeet on the ground: engineering geology, past, present and futureGriffiths (2014)
15th2014Mike SweeneyTerrain and geohazard challenges for onshore pipelines in remote regionsNot yet published
16th2015Dr Tony WalthamControl the drainage: the gospel accorded to sinkholesWaltham (2016)
17th2016Professor David NorburyStandards and quality in ground investigation—squaring the circleNot yet published