Table 4.

Mechanical parameters of rock masses

NumberClassification of rocksE (GPa)νγ (kN m−3)C (MPa)ø (degrees)
1Slate and metamorphic sandstone in toppling deformation zone1.010.30270.431.0
2Slate and metamorphic sandstone in strongly unloaded zone2.050.30270.635.0
3Slate and metamorphic sandstone in slightly unloaded zone3.030.275270.945.6
4Thick layered sandy slate9.010.25271.547.0
5Marble in strongly unloaded zone2.030.30270.635.0
6Marble in slightly unloaded zone4.050.275270.945.6
7Minor block marble11.020.25271.546.9
8Fresh rock mass21.250.225272.053.5