Table 3

. Map and model nomenclature used in the 3D model of the shallow subsurface in Salford and Manchester.

Map UnitModel UnitLithologyEnvironment (inferred)
HOLOCENEWorked GroundWorked GroundAnthropogenic (Artificial deposits)
Made GroundMade GroundMixed
Infilled GroundInfilled GroundMixed
Peat (lowland bog)PeatPeatOrganic
AlluviumOverbank Floodplain DepositsSilt, clayFluvial
River Channel DepositsSand, gravelFluvial (may include glaciofluvial element)
River Terraces: UndividedRiver Terrace Deposits UndividedSand, gravelFluvial/Ice marginal
First(River Irwell,
SecondRiver Medlock)
PLEISTOCENE (DEVENSIAN)Glaciofluvial Sheet Deposits: Sheet deposits (formerly Late Glacial Flood Gravels)Sheet deposits (including Late Glacial Flood Gravels Basal Sand and GravelSand, gravelHigh level terrace
Ice-contact DepositsBuile Hill DepositsLoose, fine sandIce-contact glaciofluvial/ glaciolacustrine
Intra-till channel deposits (major)Sand, gravel
Intra-till lens and sheet deposits (minor)Sand, gravelSub/supra glacial drainage
Glaciolacustrine DepositsLaterally Extensive (km-scale) DepositsLaminated siltsIce-distal
Intra-till deposits (restricted distribution)Ice-proximal
Deformed depositsIce-contact, ?push moraine
Moraine complexTill, sand, gravel?Push moraine
Till, sand and laminated clay, undivided
TillTillTill, interbedded sands, impersistent laminated claysLodgment and melt-out tills, undivided