Table 8

Comparative published heavy metal distribution coefficients and selected clays from this study

SourceSubstrateCd Kd (ml g−1)Cu Kd (ml g−1)Ni Kd (ml g−1)Zn Kd (ml g−1)
LandSim Manual (Environment Agency 2001)Generic/unspecified geological material1.6–150040–2750020–8001–600
GSI (1998)Contaminated soils76295Function pHFunction pH
Pacáková et al. (2000)River sediment (pH 6)3236–38021175–1862
Pacáková et al. (2000)River sediment (pH 4)282–617102–229
Bentonite (pH 4)13–32138–2042
Christensen et al. (1996)Polluted Quaternary sand aquifer(low-TOC solution)172–17557–60437–477
Christensen et al. (1996)Polluted Quaternary sand aquifer(high-TOC solution)57–6418–19
NaClKimmeridge Clay772–1251>756525–597>1724
Gault Clay2232–2853>906> 10033511–4057
Glacial Clay1319–1675>784>863>4984
MSWKimmeridge Clay1025–139662–7519–22316–453
Gault Clay466–54538–3918–19504–531
Glacial Clay604–139726–3717–22572–701
  • Source for NaCl and MSW: this study, Sites 19, 1 and 14, respectively. TOC, total organic carbon.