Table 1

. Rate of nitrate pulse movement in the unsaturated zone of the Cretaceous Chalk in England and Wales

LocationRate of nitrate movement (mm a−1)Reference
Hampshire (Bridgets Farm)850 (r)Wellings (1984)
East Yorkshire833 (p)Foster (2000)
Berkshire833 (p)Barraclough et al. (1994)
Wiltshire (Ogbourne St. George)800 (r)Gale et al. (1994)
Cambridgeshire (Fleam Dyke)c. 500 (p) over 3 yearsFoster & Bath (1983)
Cambridgeshire (Fleam Dyke)455 (p) over 11 yearsParker et al. (1991b)
Cambridgeshire450 (r)Carey & Lloyd (1985)
Cambridgeshire200 (p)Andrews et al. (1997)
  • (r), based on recharge rate and effective porosity; (p), measured rate of nitrate peak movement.