TableĀ 3.

Normative procedural national Standards

CountNational StandardTitlePublication date
14688/14689Identification of soil and rock
49BS EN ISO 14688-1Identification and description of soilPublished 2002, implemented, under revision (2017?)
50BS EN ISO 14688-2Principles for a classification of soilPublished, implemented, under revision (2017?)
51BS EN ISO 14689-1Identification and description of rockPublished, implemented, under revision (2017?)
18674Geotechnical monitoring by field instrumentation
52BS EN ISO 18674-1General rulesPublished 2015, implemented
53BS EN ISO 18674-2Measurement of displacement along a line of extensometersPublished 2016, implemented
54BS EN ISO 18674-3Measurement of displacement along a line by inclinometersDraft in preparation
55BS EN ISO 18674-4Piezometers
56BS EN ISO 18674-5Total pressure cells
57BS EN ISO 18674-6Hydraulic settlement gauge
58BS EN ISO 18674-7Strain gauges
59BS EN ISO 18674-8Load cells
60BS EN ISO 18674-9Geodetic monitoring instruments
61BS EN ISO 18674-10Vibration monitoring instruments
Execution of special geotechnical work
62BS EN 1536Bored pilesPublished 2010, implemented
63BS EN 1537Ground anchorsPublished 2000, implemented
64BS EN 1538Diaphragm wallsPublished 2010, implemented
65BS EN 12063Sheet pile wallsPublished 1999, implemented
66BS EN 12699Displacement pilesPublished 2015, implemented
67BS EN 12715GroutingPublished 2000, implemented
68BS EN 12716Jet groutingPublished 2001, implemented
69BS EN 14199MicropilesPublished 2005, implemented
70BS EN 14475Reinforced fillPublished 2006, implemented
71BS EN 14490Soil nailingPublished 2010, implemented
72BS EN 14679Deep mixingPublished 2005, implemented
73BS EN 14731Ground treatment by deep vibrationPublished 2005, implemented
74BS EN 15237Vertical drainagePublished 2007, implemented