TableĀ 2.

Normative test Standards

CountDesign StandardsTitle
22476Field testing
8BS EN ISO 22476-1Electrical CPT and CPTUPublished 2012, implemented
9BS EN ISO 22476-2Dynamic probingPublished 2005, implemented, amendment 2011
10BS EN ISO 22476-3Standard penetration testPublished, implemented, amendment 2011
11BS EN ISO 22476-4Menard pressuremeter testPublished 2012, implemented
12BS EN ISO 22476-5Flexible dilatometer testPublished 2012, implemented
13BS EN ISO 22476-6Self-boring pressuremeter test
14BS EN ISO 22476-7Borehole jack testPublished 2012, implemented,
15BS EN ISO 22476-8Full displacement pressuremeter test
16BS EN ISO 22476-9Field vane testDraft in preparation
17BS EN ISO 22476-10Weight sounding testPublished 2005 as TS, implemented, under review
18BS EN ISO 22476-11Published 2005 as TS, implemented, under review
19BS EN ISO 22476-12Mechanical CPTPublished 2009, implemented
20BS EN ISO 22476-13Plate loading test
21BS EN ISO 22476-15Measuring while drillingPublished 2016, implemented
22282Geohydraulic testing
22BS EN ISO 22282-1General rulesPublished 2012, implemented
23BS EN ISO 22282-2Water permeability tests in a borehole using open systemsPublished 2012, implemented
24BS EN ISO 22282-3Water pressure tests in rockPublished 2012, implemented
25BS EN ISO 22282-4Pumping testsPublished 2012, implemented
26BS EN ISO 22282-5Infiltrometer testsPublished 2012, implemented
27BS EN ISO 22282-6Water permeability tests in a borehole using closed systemsPublished 2012, implemented
17892Laboratory testing of soil
28BS EN ISO 17892-1Determination of water contentPublished 2014, implemented
29BS EN ISO 17892-2Determination of bulk densityPublished 2014, implemented
30BS EN ISO 17892-3Determination of particle densityPublished 2016, implemented
31BS EN ISO 17892-4Determination of particle size distributionPublished 2016, implemented
32BS EN ISO 17892-5Incremental loading oedometer test
33BS EN ISO 17892-6Fall cone test
34BS EN ISO 17892-7Unconfined compression test on fine-grained soils
35BS EN ISO 17892-8Unconsolidated undrained triaxial test
36BS EN ISO 17892-9Consolidated triaxial compression tests on water-saturated soil
37BS EN ISO 17892-10Direct shear tests
38BS EN ISO 17892-11Determination of permeability by constant and falling head
39BS EN ISO 17892-12Determination of Atterberg limits
22477Testing of geotechnical structures
40BS EN ISO 22477-1Testing of piles: static axial compressionCancelled owing to lack of progress
41BS EN ISO 22477-2Testing of piles: static axial tension
42BS EN ISO 22477-3Testing of piles: transverse tension
43BS EN ISO 22477-4Testing of piles: dynamic axial compressionDraft in preparation
44BS EN ISO 22477-5Testing of anchoragesDraft in preparation
45BS EN ISO 22477-6Testing of soil nailsCancelled owing to lack of progress
46BS EN ISO 22477-7Testing of reinforced fill
47BS EN ISO 22477-8Statnamic testing
48BS EN ISO 22477-10Testing of piles: Rapid load testingPublished 2016, implemented