Table 4.

NCCI, Informative Standards and Codes of Practice

CountStandardTitlePublication/amendment date
1BS5930Code of practice for ground investigation2015
2BS 10175Investigation of potentially contaminated sites2011 + A1:2013
3BS 8576Guidance on investigations for ground gas. Permanent gases and volatile organic compounds2013
4BS 5667Water quality. Sampling2006
5BS 6068Water quality. Sampling13 parts of various dates 1983–1999
6BS 8574Code of practice for the management of geotechnical data for ground engineering projects2014
7BS 8002Code of practice for earth retaining structures1994 CP version withdrawn 2010, 2015 version is NCCI
8BS 8004Code of practice for foundations1994 CP version withdrawn 2010, 2015 version is NCCI
9BS8006Code of practice for strengthened/reinforced soils and other fills2010
10BS 8008Safety precautions and procedures for the construction and descent of machine-bored shafts for piling and other purposes1996 + A1:2008
11BS 8081Code of practice for grouted anchorages2015
12BS 6031Code of practice for earthworks2009
Other publicationsExamples of industry guidanceCIRIA C574 Engineering in Chalk2002
CIRIA C570 Engineering in Mercia Mudstone2001
SISG UK specification for ground investigation2012
Published literatureTextbooks; journals; trade journals and magazines