Table 2.

Summary of literature values of partition coefficients and retardation factors for orthophosphate

ReferenceHost rock or mineralPartition coefficient (Kd) (l kg−1)Retardation factor (R)
Harman et al. (1996)Calcareous sand aquifer4.9 (back-calculated assuming 15% porosity)60 (field)
Lin & Banin (2006)Sandy soil or sediment formations4–6 (laboratory)
20–55 (field)
Robertson et al. (1998)Calcareous sands20–100 (field)
Robertson & Harman (1999)Calcareous sand aquifer7.1 (field)
Robertson (2008)Calcareous sand aquifer4.8 (laboratory)25
37 (field)
Spiteri et al. 2008Goethite (FeOOH)4.1 (modelled)