Table 3.

Results of ambient well dilution testing

Well nameUK grid referenceGround surface elevation (mASL)Water table elevation (mASL)Inflow depth (mASL)Outflow depth (mASL)Well base elevation (mASL)Vertical flow rate (m min−1)*
Unconfined aquifer
Dalton MiddleSE90351411020201020.002
Etton DSE9664303414−37
Field House, KilhamTA071673692828660.001
Garton WoldSE9826224922221350.2
Henpit HoleTA0256584935−1535−15−5
Kilham Road, ThwingTA050690115333316100.002
Little Kilham FarmTA0456494024−11
Sherburn WoldSE969745122656535220.002
WeaverthorpeSE981702715050, 3136230.3, −0.1
Confined aquifer
Wilfholme PTA06247221−79−26−79−0.006
Wilfholme M1TA06247221−41−36−68
Wilfhome M2TA06247221−33−42−68
  • Testing conducted in June and November 2008.

  • * Negative values indicate upflow.

  • Not determinable (horizontal flow dominates).