Table 1.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria for quarry site identification

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
Within fine-grained graniteWithin Country ParkWithin Coastal Protection Area or Conservation Area
Within fine- to medium-grained graniteWithin Wetland Conservation Area (WCA) and Wetland Buffer Area (WBA)Within Fung Shui Woodlands, Fung Shui Lanes and Fung Shui Areas
Within medium-grained graniteWithin Military Sites, including Firing RangesWithin Marine Park and Marine Reserves
Within granodioriteWithin GeoparkWithin Reservoirs
Within quartz monzoniteWithin Private Lots and 100 m Buffer ZoneWithin Sites of Archaeological Interest (SAI)
Within Public Housing Estates/Hospitals/Schools and 100 m Buffer ZoneWithin Restricted Areas under the Wild Animals Protection Ordinance
Affecting Graded Historical BuildingsWithin footprint of existing or closed landfill site
Affecting Declared MonumentWithin Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
Within Traditional Burial GroundsWithin Water Gathering Grounds
Within Potentially Hazardous Installation (PHI) footprintWithin Ramsar site
Affecting Indigenous Villages and ‘V’ zones