Table 1.

Results of effective shear strength tests on moderately and completely weathered mudstone from the borrow pits and failed embankment

Preparation of sample following removal of >120 mm fragments and bulk sample passed through a 20 mm sieve and washed on a 75 μm sieve and then dried.Effective strength parameters
Free regressionc′ = 25 kPa regression
c′ (kPa)ϕ′ (°)ϕ′ (°)
Prepared sample (see text) then remoulded2726.426.3
Bucket leached prepared sample then remoulded525.122.2
Remoulded then in situ leached sample A3417.318.1
Remoulded then in situ leached sample B3921.222.5
Remoulded sample from embankment A3627.227.9
Remoulded sample from embankment B2228.327.8

Details of sample pre-treatments given in text.

Data from Anderson & Cripps (1993).