Table 1.

Recorded landslide events in Freetown

Pre-1945 (ages unknown)Western Area, includes Salpon and Funima≥415 landslide scars, impact unknown.
11 August 1945Charlotte Community, near BathurstAt least 13 fatalities.
1963Guma Dam, Guma valleyNo fatalities, construction delays
2004–14Freetown8 events, no fatalities
2008Freetown1 fatality
May 2009Freetown2 fatalities
13 August 2009Kissy Brook7 fatalities, 15 injuries
September 2010Mountain Cut14 fatalities,
3 August 2011Moyiba1 fatalities, 4 seriously injured
8 August 2013Wallace Jonson Street15 fatalities
4 May 2014Grey Bush neighbourhood5 fatalities
August 2014Bridge collapse8 fatalities
13 October 2014Oloshoro community, Murray Town4 fatalities
14 August 2017, c. 06:50 [Regent Landslide]Regent–Lumley, Babadorie Valley1100 fatalities, 5000 affected

Based on compilation of media reports, Thomas (1998) and his unpublished work, updated by BGS in 2017 (Arup et al. 2018).