Table 3.

Laboratory and field test characterization of dolomitic limestone bedrock material from Bonemill Quarry (described on logs as medium strong to very strong)

ParameterDepth range of data (m BGL)Range of test resultsNumber of tested samples
RQD recorded from core (%)Turbine T1:
6.0–9.5 m25–80n.a.
9.5–40 m79–100n.a.
Turbine T2:
7.5–8.5 m38n.a.
8.5–40 m85–100n.a.
Except 11.5–15 m43–65n.a.
FI recorded from core (J m−1)*Turbine T1:
6.0–9.5 m3–5n.a.
9.5–40 m0–3n.a.
Turbine T2:
9.5–40 m1–3n.a.
Except locally 11.5–15.0 mNI–4–24n.a.
GSICore and quarry exposure assessment55–80n.a.
Characteristic = 65
RMRCore and quarry exposure assessment75–80n.a.
Bulk density (Mg m−3)6.45–33.502.38–2.5914
Dry density (Mg m−3)6.45–33.602.22–2.5419
Porosity (%)9.03–33.607.1–17.66
NMC (%)6.45–33.500.5–714
UCS (MN m−3)6.45–33.5022.50–77.413
Tensile strength (Brazilian) (MN m−3)9.20–10.302.64–3.762
Young's modulus (average), E (GPa)9.00–14.808.91–23.923
Poisson's ratio, ν9.00–14.800.17–0.233
  • * FI is fracture index recorded from core as number of joints per linear metre.

  • n.a., not applicable; NI, none-intact (core).