Table 1.

Contents of the Berkey Volume (Paige 1950)

1. Charles P. Berkey: a review of his life, John L. Savage & Roger Rhoades
2. The geologist in the engineering organization, Edward B. Burwell, Jr & George D. Roberts
3. Geology in dam construction, Edward B. Burwell & Berlen C. Moneymaker
4. Engineering geology in the design and construction of tunnels, James F. Sanborn
5. Mechanics of landslides, Karl Terzaghi
6. Faults and engineering geology, George D. Louderback
7. Geology and engineering in the production and control of groundwater, Oscar E. Meinzer
8. Engineering geology of highway location, construction and materials, E. F. Bean
9. Geological aspects of beach engineering, W. C. Krumbein
10. Petrology of concrete affected by cement–aggregate reaction, Duncan McDonnell, Richard C. Mielenz, William Y. Holland and Kenneth T. Greene
11. Geologic engineering in the petroleum industry, K. C. Heald
12. Geology in the discovery, development, and exploitation of mineral deposits, Murl H. Gidel
13. Military geology, Chas B. Hunt