Table 2.

Engineering properties of aggregates

Test methodSpecificationRequirementQuarry 1*Quarry 2†
Coarse aggregates
Micro-Deval abrasionFine aggregates (passing 4# sieve) (%)ASTM D6928-1730% (max.)9.0111.95
Coarse aggregates (on 4# sieve) (%)ASTM D7428-1525% (max.)4.975.43
Crushing resistance (CR) (%)NZS 4407Max. 10% @130 kN6.023.60
Water absorption (%)ASTM C127-150.661.23
Apparent specific gravity (g cm−3)ASTM C127-152.742.71
Weathering quality index (WQI)NZS 4407AA, AB, BA, AC, CA, BBBBBB
Fine aggregates 
Clay index (CI)NZS 44073.0 (max.)2.96.3‡
Sand equivalent (SE)NZS 440740 (min.)6243§
Plasticity index (PI)NZS 44075 (max.) or non-plastic (NP)NP5.7‡
  • Specification sources: ASTM Standard D6928, ASTM (2017); ASTM Standard D7428; ASTM (2015a); NZS 4407, Standards New Zealand (2015); ASTM Standard C127-15, ASTM (2015b).

  • * Premium aggregate.

  • †Marginal aggregate.

  • ‡Failed.

  • § Close to fail.